Free Reverse Phone Search Through World’s No.1 Social Networking Site

This little known free reverse phone lookup service just got a little more difficult. However, it can still be effective. Who offers it? Facebook, the worlds largest social networking site. Be warned, the results may be limited but it’s worth a try.

” If you give Facebook your phone number, and mark it “visible to me only”, then forward lookups are, as you would expect, blocked.

I can’t go from your profile to your phone number.

That’s a relief, since presumably you don’t want just anyone who can find you on Facebook to be able to start pestering you directly by phone if you stop responding to them online.

But if I use Facebook’s reverse lookup service (what is sometimes known pejoratively as a black pages directory), I can get your name from your phone number.

In other words, your phone number isn’t “visible to you only.” I just have to approach it from the other direction….More at Facebook to exclude phone numbers from reverse lookup – for users of two … – Naked Security “

Reverse phone lookup services are great for instantly identifying who the person is behind a phone number. These services will provide you with not only the name behind the number for listed and unlisted numbers but also more detailed information such as the callers address, age, employer and even personal background check information and it’s all perfectly legal. Get a complete comprehensive report for just $4.95 CLICK HERE.  All you need is a phone number!

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