Want to Know Who Just Called You? There’s an App for That – Quick Reverse Phone Look Up

cell phone appEven better, want to know if the caller who just phoned you has a criminal record? If yes, there’s a simple $4.95 app for that. Quick reverse phone lookups on your iPhone, Android or Online.

iPhone, Android and Online Reverse Phone Search App

Reverse phone lookup is now a popular way to find out the identity of a caller from a specific phone number. One company offers its online application to help anyone find any phone number fast. The QuickReverseCell.com website provides access to a new online application that allows free and premium searches entirely online. This app can be used to search owners of cell phones, contract phones, landline and prepaid phones.

Access your instant search here: QuickReverseCell.com

The concept of searching phone records was first developed in the late 1980s with the installation of the Caller ID system. For the first time in history, a caller’s information could be displayed during a live telephone call. One drawback to Caller ID was that many unlisted numbers were not included with the service. As an alternative to Caller ID, the QuickReverseCell.com website now offers a fast and convenient solution to determine who owns a phone number.  source: sfgate.com/business/prweb

These quick searches are excellent for identifying exactly who a person is assigned to a phone number. However, there are a number of reasons why people, just like you, choose to do reverse phone lookups.

Here are the 4 primary reasons:

  • Identify suspicious reoccurring phone numbers
  • Putting and end to prank callers
  • Catch a cheating partner or spouse
  • Verify and confirm monthly billing statement

All searches are 100% confidential

Get instant access on your iPhone, Android or Online with this fast and simple app.

Access your instant search here: QuickReverseCell.com

caller idEvery preliminary search is free and users will have unlimited access to comprehensive searches which include background checks for $4.95.  With “reverse phone search” being one of the most searched keywords on the Internet this new app is certain to be a valuable tool for those wanting to match a callers phone number to a name, trace numbers or track down old friends.

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